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San Diego DUI defense attorneys at report The City of San Marcos and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department are conducting additional impaired driving enforcement
throughout the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day and Cinco De Mayo celebrations and would like to remind everyone of the
costs associated with driving under the influence:

The Cost for America: DUI cost the US over $114,000,000.00 (114 Billion) every year. Nearly 17,000 people die every
year in alcohiol related collisions on our nation’s roadways. Alcohol is a factor in 39% of the United States traffic fatalities
(2005 statistic.) Approximately 3 of every 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol related crash sometime in their lives.
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The Cost for California: Vehicle towing and storage $350

Drivers License Reinstate Fee $125

Car Insurance Increase $4600 or possibly cancellation of policy

DUI FIne (SD County) $1756

Pre-sentencing Probation reports $1127

Supervised Probation (3 Years) $3564

DUI Victim Impact Panel $20

Total Fees and Fines $10,532

Person Providing Information: Sgt C. Hensley
Email Address of Provider:
Telephone number of Provider: 760-510-5212

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