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San Diego DUI police take a license upon arrest and issue a pink DMV “DS 367” Order of Suspension. San Diego DUI Lawyers can explain the gist of this paper – there are only ten days from the issue date of said DS 367 for a driver’s San Diego DUI attorney to timely demand a hearing to save one’s license.

The Pink DMV Order of Suspension is essentially a carbon of the the Officer’s sworn Statement DS 367.

Per the California DMV Administrative Per Se (APS) Hearing Officer Manual, this is where the critical DUI documents begin.
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Lawyers note that in San Diego DMV APS hearings, the issue of admissibility of documents is far more complicated than the California DMV Manual suggests.
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The oversimplified DMV Manual is in this new Article.

San Diego DUI Attorneys who understand California law know DMV is limited in its use of cut and paste documents attaching the probable cause to page 2 of the DS 367. More often than not, San Diego Drunk Driving cops fail to follow the form’s mandate and California law.
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See this Article by the San Diego County DUI Law Center.

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