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San Diego DUI probationers must make sure they timely complete any alcohol program, MADD, public work service program, ignition interlock device, fine payment, community service or other requirement, California drunk driving criminal defense attorneys warn.

“What to do if there is a DUI warrant out for your arrest?”

19 people were arrested during a Saturday Sweep March 8, 2014 on outstanding court warrants including San Diego DUI and California drunk driving probation violation cases, say San Diego DUI lawyers.

When proof is due by a certain date, make sure that proof is filed with your court case number in the San Diego Superior Court case which adjudicated your criminal matter, remind San Diego DUI attorneys.

Failure to do so will result in a warrant being issued, which could lead to being picked up in a warrant sweep such as yesterday’s, or if stopped by a cop during a routine traffic infraction.

If an extension is needed, contact your San Diego California DUI lawyer and do so in advance of any due date.

 No one wants to spend the weekend in jail.

 Nor should you.

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