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A .16% BAC 4 hours after the crash was proved through retrograde extrapolation in a recent San Diego drunk driving criminal case. The DUI probationer driver in a Kensington area accident resulting in a rollover Kensington got 6 years in California State Prison, lawyers were told today. His girlfriend’s Four-year-old daughter was seriously injured.

The San Diego DUI accident happened just over a year ago.
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The Ford Explorer hit a curb upon merging onto Fairmount Avenue from Aldine Drive. San Diego DUI Police maintain he over-corrected, causing the SUV to roll over several times.

Twenty-eight year old Albert Pruitt’s felony San Diego DUI sentence focused on that injury and felony child endangerment.
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The 4-year-old girl, who was unrestrained in the back seat, was thrown from the SUV and suffered lacerations that required 90 stitches. A Two-year-old, another belonging to 23-year-old girlfriend, was in a booster seat and was not hurt, nor was the accused, but the woman suffered an abrasion to her right arm.

San Diego DUI prosecuting attorney David Uyar said the defendant has consistently shown a lack of remorse for the accident, even blaming the 4-year-old victim for unbuckling her seatbelt.

“Some of my actions are unexplainable and unacceptable,” the San Diego DUI accused related.

Family members say the accused was a good man and was needed at home to help his sister raise her young sons instead of going to prison. Being on California DUI court probation could not have helped him.
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