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San Diego California DUI history & extrapolation information

California DUI laws historically began by criminalizing “impaired” driving. San Diego California DUI Prosecutors had to show the San Diego driver was impaired or “drunk” when driving. (See )

San Diego California DUI prosecutors presently want jurors to guess what the true BAC was in a San Diego Drunk Driving case by only using average alcohol absorption and elimination rates, but it’s only an inaccurate guess based on a number of assumptions. Called “retrograde extrapolation” it’s just a fancy label for trying to guess backwards. A San Diego DUI prosecutor or San Diego DUI attorney may offer BAC test evidence guessing one’s BAC…back to the time of driving. A premier San Diego DUI lawyer has a recipe to respond.

During San Diego Drunk Driving trials, the DUI Prosecutor brings in their paid on-call expert to “assume” what the accused’s BAC purportedly is. A quality San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney can demonstrate why it is not a good idea to assume or guess when trying to determine an arrestee’s true BAC at time of driving. A top San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer usually shows that assuming through averages cannot constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt of one’s true BAC at time of driving in San Diego County.

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