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San Diego Police Department Chief Lansdowne told The Voice of in an email that SDPD plans to expand counseling training from two to four part-time assignments, in light of the ten cases involving police misconduct, commission of crimes and related accusations & allegations.

SDPD Chief indicates its new system was thought to be more effective and cost efficient. DUI attorneys wonder if that’s the case.

In public speeches and interviews, our Chief has essentially made a point of calling no shift in policy, budget reduction or level of stress excusable for the kind of behavior alleged recently. According to The Voice of San, but through his proposed reforms, Chief Lansdowne does acknowledge that oversight has taken a hit.

“There is no question that over the past several years our staffing has been reduced due to budget cuts and we have lost a great deal of experience through attrition,” the San Diego Police Department Chief wrote in an email to highly respected Investigative Reporter Keegan Kyle. “I think it is reasonable to conclude that that kind of loss will have some impact on how effectively we supervise our people.”

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