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Don’t you love it when you see a cop needing a San Diego DUI lawyer?  Every day in San Diego courts, cops try to ruin peoples’ lives by testifying in such a way that a California jury would convict, San Diego DUI attorneys maintain.

But when a San Diego police officer needs help, who does he call?

A San Diego criminal defense lawyer.  In this case, a DUI attorney.

Thirty-four year old Jeff Blackford, a San Diego Police Department detective got in an accident.  It turns out he was allegedly DUI so they could not hide this off-duty alleged drunk driving collision.

February 20th is the court date on the complaint issued by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office.

A gang detective now, he worked 11 years for SDPD, as an undercover cop.

December 7th was when he was at 7300 Princess View Drive and allegedly got into a DUI accident.  No other vehicles were involved.  Unfortunately, he was hurt and went to the hospital.  Now’s doing desk duty work until the case is resolved.

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