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Four San Diego Police Department police officers called in and accused of a possible COVER UP after an alleged drunk driving crash by a fellow San Diego Police Department officer / detective can only sit back and watch the Superior Court proceedings of SDPD Detective Blackford who has his hands full, attorneys say.

If the San Diego City Attorney’s Office’s allegations are proven against him, he would go to jail for 60 days as required by California Vehicle Code 23582.  We may know more by April 11th, the next court date.

 His San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer may plead him to a reduced charge or he could have charges dropped.

 One thing is clear, he does not want to be found guilty of allegedly reckless driving – excessive speed in connection with a California DUI, say attorneys.

Coincidentally, at the same time this week, San Diego Police Department DUI Officer of the Year James Zirpolo won the MADD Award for making more San Diego DUI Arrests last year than any other cop in the county!

The San Diego Police Department detective allegedly got into a DUI accident after allegedly driving recklessly at an excessive speed on 12/7/12, twenty MPH over the posted speed limit in Allied Gardens, a quiet neighborhood.

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