San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego Police Department DUI Detail Officer James Zirpolo is so eager to make drunk driving arrests he occasionally gets out of his San Diego PD DUI patrol car and stands at traffic lights in Pacific Beach area of San Diego, California.

This San Diego PD Drunk Driving is similar to a high tech fisherman in a very small pond stocked with hundreds of fish using a big DUI arrest net.

Obviously you do not want to be driving after drinking alcohol through that part of San Diego with passengers who forgot to put their seat belts on.

Manifesting every possible objective symptom of DUI intoxication makes it all that much more difficult for the San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer to get drunk driving charges dropped. This is especially when the breath test results are .12% & .12% after the San Diego Police Department DUI Expert finds ways to indicate a failure to perform the acrobatics to his personal satisfaction.

Yet this recent, successful drunk driving arrest outcome was the fruit of the work product of Superb-rated San Diego California DUI Attorney Rick Mueller.

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