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San Diego Police Department is caught up in the latest rounds of various charges against its officers that one has to wonder if there’s any other possible DUI ticket-fixing that went unreported.

In New York, the Times announced today that the cop in charge of giving the DUI Breathalyzer tests was caught fixing a ticket for a suspect.
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Here’s how the story goes. The Bronx cop, a Mr. M., who h not been charged at this time, was allegedly caught while checking to see if he owed anything to the officer who took care of the ticket, a person with knowledge of the request said. But Officer Marshall was allegedly told that there would be no debt to pay.

The DA and IAB have been wiretapping in their DUI and ticket-fixing investigation.

There’s some allegations that cops got something in exchange for not issuing citations or making sure they go away.

Officer “M” allegedly fixed a ticket per a wiretap on a phone belonging to the police officer from whom Officer M is allegedly said to have sought help.
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Sounds like there’s a leak in this story as the investigation is ongoing.

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