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San Diego Police Department suffered another blow today as its DUI All-Star Team folded.

San Diego DUI Unit discontinued because of small number of remaining cops not presently prosecuted or convicted.

Expect even higher number of DUI arrests in San Diego County as the remaining member of the department continue with general zealousness.

The one San Diego PD DUI sergeant and 3 DUI officers left on San Diego’s Drunk Driving Enforcement Team are reassigned to San Diego Traffic Unit. These cops can still make DUI pops. DUI officers continue to work night shift, which is prime time for San Diego’s DUI drivers.

The 4th DUI officer who was on the team goes to the motorcycle unit.

SDPD maintains reassignment of these leftover DUI officers has nothing to do with the misconduct investigations involving former Officer Anthony Arevalos and former Sgt. Kevin Friedman, who were both on San Diego’s DUI unit.

Arevalos was sentenced in February to nearly nine years in prison for eliciting sexual favors from motorists.

Friedman is expected to be arraigned Wednesday on misdemeanor charges of altering a traffic ticket and obstructing justice. He is accused of destroying a seat-belt citation for Deputy District Attorney Allison Worden, who is also charged in the case.

Most San Diego DUI arrests are conducted by apx. eighty SDPD officers in the Traffic Unit, say DUI lawyers.

11,000 people faced misdemeanor or felony DUI in San Diego county during 2010, according San Diego DUI attorneys.

And here’s the great news for DUI cops: grant money for overtime money ($), DUI checkpoints, saturation patrols shall always flow until taxpayers say no.

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