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San Diego Police Department’s former DUI officer, Anthony Arevalos is guilty of 12 counts, 8 felonies & 4 misdemeanors, according to the jury today.

Sexual battery, asking for a bribe, assault by an officer and false imprisonment were some of the charges. Some charges were dismissed as well.

With exposure at now less than 19 years, December 19th is set by his lawyers for sentencing.

San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Sherry Thompson had 7 women who testified Arevalos stopped them in the Gaslamp area and made inappropriate comments or touched them in some intimate way. One gal left downtown’s Mardi Gras celebration; he told her that she failed to use her turn signal. He had her move her car to a nearby 7-Eleven, where he asked what she would be willing to do to make the DUI go away. He suggested she give him her panties. He followed her into a bathroom where he asked to see her breasts and touched her body before allowing her to put her pants back on.

The Prosecuting Lawyer contended Arevalos was a predator who exerted his power and control over his victims simply by being in uniform. You think?

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