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San Diego Police Department’s Friday Night DUI checkpoint trapped over 1,200 motorists on June 22nd at 4200 Mission Bay Drive, in Mission Bay Park just outside Pacific Beach in San Diego California, Drunk Driving criminal defense attorneys learned today.

This San Diego drunk driving roadblock went from 10:30pm till almost 3:20 a.m. San Diego DUI lawyers warn of these checkpoints at this free website location data base.

Of the vehicles trapped in this California DUI checkpoint, 1831 vehicles were screened by drunk driving cops from San Diego PD and San Diego CHP.

Twenty-two drivers were detained for DUI evaluation.

10 arrests were made for San Diego DUI.

18 vehicle impounds were conducted, eight citations were issued for driver’s license violations, and two citations were issued for open alcohol container violations.

California citizens are encouraged by the cops to report Drunk Drivers by phoning 911.

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