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Even DUI Prosecutors can get a DUI, San Diego lawyers remind.  When a drunk driving prosecuting attorney is convicted of DUI, it shows no one is above the law, suggests San Diego California DUI attorneys.

Rebecca Ocain, 37, of the San Diego District Attorney’s Office pled guilty to drunk driving and the DUI enhancement that she was driving with a BAC of .15% or more. The admission means Ocain was driving with a blood-alcohol content about twice the legal limit.
The San Diego DUI plea was recorded Wednesday in the East County courthouse.
Ocain was pulled over Oct. 19 near Alpine Boulevard and East Victoria Drive about 11:20 p.m. She was arrested and transported to Las Colinas Detention Facility, where she was booked on suspicion of drunken driving.
The case was prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office to avoid any conflicts of interest. A spokesman for the office declined to discuss the sentencing terms.
Ocain remains on staff at the District Attorney’s Office, a spokesman said Friday.
Ocain earned her degree from California Western School of Law and became a member of the state bar in 2001. She was hired by the District Attorney’s Office in 2006 and has prosecuted several high-profile cases.

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