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San Diego Supreme Court Covid-19 Updates

Here are some San Diego Supreme Court Covid-19 updates:

After a 10-week closure, the San Diego Superior Courthouse finally resumed activity on May 26th. While the courthouse has reopened, they did not do so without a strict set of guidelines and modifications. In order to comply with Covid-19 protocols, many necessary changes were implemented.

Due to the halt put on cases during the closure, the San Diego Superior Courthouse has implemented many modifications to help get them back on track. In order to get caught up, one of the major guidelines the courthouse has implemented pertains to civil cases. Civil cases that were submitted during the closer will be date stamped and processed in order from oldest to newest. However, for the time being and until they are all caught up, criminal cases will take precedent over civil cases. With that being said, the San Diego Superior Courthouse has temporarily suspended the processing of any new civil cases.


Case Rescheduling

With over 87,000 cases to reschedule, the San Diego Superior Courthouse has created rescheduling processes based on case classification. Here are some of those updates by case classification:

  • All previously scheduled appointments will be vacated
  • All individuals will be notified via U.S Mail concerning the rescheduling
  • No in-person hearings
  • In-custody matters will continue to be heard via video & telephone conferences
  • Out-of-custody matters, with limited exceptions, will be vacated & re-scheduled for a future date
Civil Harassment, Elder Abuse, School Violence & Gun Violence Matters
  • Hearings for previously filed Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) originally scheduled during the closure will be re-scheduled
  • All matters scheduled after the re-opening will be re-scheduled for 60-90 days from the existing hearing date
  • All temporary restraining orders granted during the closure will remain in full force & effect until the new hearing date
Family Law
  • All hearings previously scheduled will be re-scheduled for a later date
  • All parties will be notified via U.S mail
  • All hearings previously scheduled will be re-scheduled for a later date
  • All parties will be notified via U.S mail
  • Hearings previously scheduled through July 2nd will be re-scheduled for a later date
  • All parties will be notified via U.S mail



Case Modifications

In order to relieve some of the pressure when rescheduling all of these cases, the San Diego Superior Courthouse implemented a few more modifications to their case guidelines. Some of these modifications include:

  • Extension of time to hold preliminary hearings & arraignments
  • Extension of time for criminal trials
  • Rescheduling of hearings to remote hearings
  • Suspension of non-essential operations at Juvenile courthouse



New Courthouse Protocols

On top of trying to get all cases rescheduled, the San Diego Superior Courthouse also had to make significant modifications to court protocols. Some of these new modifications include:

  • Face coverings must be worn by all persons inside & in line to enter the court
  • All persons entering the courthouse must submit to a temperature screening
  • Social distancing of 6ft must be ensured at all times



Future Modifications

While the San Diego Superior Courthouse has taken many measures thus far to ensure the safety of their constituents, more is necessary. In order for them to resume case hearings nearly as efficiently as before, changes are necessary. In taking strides to improve the efficiency of the San Diego Courthouse during the pandemic, more modifications and changes are likely to come. These future modifications will include changes to things like:

  1. The number of jurors allowed in a courtroom at once
  2. Juror health screenings
  3. Jury summons & prescreening
  4. Protocols for handling physical evidence
  5. Deliberations



It appears it will be awhile before operations are fully back to normal. More updates are coming out each week in regard to the San Diego Superior Courthouse and their operations. Keep an eye out on their website, to ensure you stay up to date with all their new protocols and operations.

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