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Did you see those Christmas lights in San Diego? What about those police lights? Uh oh. If so, time to deal with a drunk driving case in San Diego.

Time to check out value-oriented, premier-rated San Diego DUI attorneys who are Specialists under the California DUI Lawyers Association standards.

Here’s one: “10 out of 10”


San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer protecting liberties of folks throughout the Southern California San Diego County Area.

Often the initial San Diego DUI charge is a good shot for your San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense lawyer to aggressively contest.

Start with Google, Avvo and Yelp reviews, not to mention San Diego DUI court & DMV outcomes.

Option #1: San Diego County’s Specialist in DUI and DMV Law now


San Diego’s Award-Winning DUI & DMV Defense Evaluation

*with weekend opinions & information*


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