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San Diego’s California Highway Patrol today started its zero tolerance campaign on handheld cell phone use by drivers, attorneys are told.

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“We’ll be everywhere,” said a CHP who also conducts a lot of DUI arrests, “This is as dangerous as drunk driving and as important as wearing a seat belt.”

The zero tolerance period will last from six a.m. Tuesday to six a.m. Wednesday. CHP knows a lot of people are either talking on their cell phones without a hands free device or texting while driving despite laws that so prohibits.

Also, if underage, California law bans anyone in San Diego under the age of 18 from using a cell phone while driving even if they have a hands free device.

San Diego’s Drunk Driving and Cell phone enforcement cops will be watching for people driving eratically or swearving on the roads, same observations noted for DUI or texting/cell drivers.

Cell phone fines start at a minimum of for the first offense and can go up from there.

When you factor in court fees, citation will cost drivers at least $100. CHP’s traffic record system shows they have issued over 329,000 total tickets since the law went in to effect and over 5,100 tickets for texting while driving. Quicker than a San Diego DUI arrest.

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