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Friday Night’s alright for fighting but you just can’t fight the San Diego DUI cops who set up these illegal checkpoints blocking motorists’ right to free travel, lawyers emphasize.  San Diego California drunk driving attorneys announce two new DUI roadblocks set up Friday August 16, 2013 in Pacific Beach of San Diego, Lemon Grove and National City California.

San Diego Police Department took a usual low step by taking the high road of Ingraham, setting up a DUI checkpoint on the other side of the bridge.  So by the time motorists went up the bridge and came down, there was no way to avoid the San Diego DUI checkpoint.  And that’s not right.

National City California’s DUI checkpoint was ironically set up at the so-called “Mile of Cars.”  Cars lined up for miles from 6 pm to 1 a.m., trapped by a drunk driving checkpoint in San Diego County.  What a waste, too, say San Diego DUI lawyers as no drunk driving arrests were made!

The Lemon Grove California DUI checkpoint was at Broadway and Grove from around 8:00 PM to 2:30 AM, resulting in 2 San Diego DUI arrests.

Nearby Chula Vista was equally effective.  No San Diego DUI checkpoints but 2 drunk driving arrests, say attorneys.

They seem to be going after suspended licenses, too, as many vehicles were impounded, say San Diego California DUI criminal defense attorneys in a report from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

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