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Californians can save money & cut vehicle insurance rates by 65%, lawyers say.

San Diego folks take note.

Have you seen car insurance commercials? Some maintain if you switch to them, they’ll save you $500.00 or more annually.

Since they all seem to say they can save you that much, is it possible with every insurance company?

Every insurer is different. They each give different savings depending on unique factors.

For example, any insurer may give you a discount on the following:

1. If you haven’t been in a car accident this year
2. If you are over 25 years of age
3. If you drive less than 40 miles per day
4. If your car has air bags
5. Even if you haven’t had a DUI, many insurers give you a discount for something that simple.

Insurers give different discounts depending on your situation.

Which insurer will give you the best rate and discounts you need?

Compare their rates.

Car insurance comparison is popular. In less than 6 minutes, provide your driving history and you receive free quotes from multiple insurers in your area. Pick the policy and rate for yourself.

$500 reductions are possible, attorneys believe. Enter zipcode here and save.

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