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San Diego County DUI cops try to scare parents at prom and graduation time out of hosting parties and celebrations as they fear alcohol will be served to those under twenty-one years old, attorneys believe.   The San Diego DUI cops are reminding folks of  house party rules aka Social Host Ordinances, San Diego DUI lawyers say.

It’s easy for minors to get booze from mom & dad’s cabinet or fridge and avoids the hassle of trying to buy through another person.  So homes is where they party, California DUI cops suggest.

Thirty San Diego folks received Social Host Ordinance violations by San Diego Sheriff’s Department for letting youngins drink at home, during the first six months.   Charges were filed 75% of the time according to San Diego Superior Court records checked by the Alcohol Policy Panel, say DUI lawyers.  Many do not hire DUI attorneys and plead guilty, ordered to pay fines and put on probation.

Proponents of these San Diego DUI laws say that almost 2 thousand youths went to emergency rooms in San Diego with a diagnosis of “alcohol abuse” and California Highway Patrol made over 3 hundred DUI or alcohol-related accident investigations for those under twenty-one, in 2010.  Almost 30 youths (twenty & younger) die every year in San Diego county with alcohol in the system according to the San Diego Medical Examiner.  Booze is bad in the wrong hands.

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