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San Diego DUI defense lawyers often look to “go-to” Man Russell Robinson on tough criminal defense cases.

This is no exception. He got the DA to strike the allegation of prior 191.5 which otherwise would have meant 15 years in prison to life in prison!

An Alpine man pleaded to gross vehicular manslaughter involving alcohol in the hit-and-run death of a bicyclist. This plea bargain by Travis Weber included an enhancement for hit-and-run driving. Per an agreement by prosecuting and DUI defense attorneys, the 44 year old will be sentenced to 11 years in state prison.

San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney Russell K. Robinson noted how tragic this case was as his client is a spiritual man who feels very bad about this. If he could change anything, he would.

San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer Russell Robinson and the renown DUI prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Gordon Paul Davis, tried several weeks to reach a deal fair to the defendant and save the victims relatives from having to appear for a jury trial.

This criminal case was tough for the Prosecutor because they lacked toxicology evidence that the defendant was DUI or impaired at the time of the accident, since authorities did not find him until 2 days after the fact.

A witness said she performed a citizen’s arrest.

A CHP cop said the accused allegedly indicated he had been on a drinking binge for five days or more at the time and didn’t remember anything that happened on the day in question.

The defendant was allegedly convicted of DUI at least once in New York and 2 times in San Diego, so the brilliant attorney Mr.

Robinson had alot on his plate.

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