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Here’s another unusual approach:

When the San Diego Drunk Driving cop activates his overhead lights, drive directly to the far west coast, exit your vehicle, put on your wetsuit and jump into the Pacific.

Except for the wetsuit, this worked for a 28-year-old San Diego DUI arrestee yesterday morning.

In 58 degree ocean, with up to a five foot surf, the routine DUI stop developed into an expensive search-and-rescue.

San Diego DUI police have been trying to speak with the swimmer/surfer. Certainly police evasion and obstruction of police command could lead to a hefty fine including restitution for the helicopters etc.

His family was called to say he was fine.

One cold, predawn swim, a U.S. Coast Guard chopper overhead and local lifeguard boat search till 5:45 a.m. will sober you up.

There’s no blood or breath test to prove otherwise. There’s no field sobriety tests and no police observations close up, essentials to a DUI case.

Without independent witnesses in addition to observations by his passenger, most likely it will be difficult for a San Diego DUI lawyer prosecutor to convict this chilled guy.

Did it work? We’ll see.

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