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“I hope (ex-San Diego Police officer Anthony Arevalos) rots in a prison cell, I don’t want him to ever go out on to the streets,” Jane reported to NBC San Diego.

“I did a u-turn and crashed my car into a planter box.

” Jane admitted she got drunk at a restaurant and got behind the wheel.

For about 2 years Jane lived in fear because of what she claimed happened on February 20th, 2010 in a Mission Valley parking lot. He took Jane to Las Colinas Women’s Detention Facility to be booked for a San Diego DUI.

By Friars Road near the 163, Jane alleged Arevalos suddenly pulled over and put on purple latex gloves. “That’s when he opened up the backseat and put the flashlight in my face, and then he shoved his hands inside of me.”

“He said my name over and over again. My heart just began to pound as fast it could I was terrified.”

Jane also told NBC San Diego the assault lasted for about twenty seconds and that Arevalos may have been frustrated with her crying, lawyers learned.

“I think he wanted to put me in my place,” Jane said with tears in her eyes. “It was a sadistic thing to do.”

After the alleged DUI incident, Jane said Arevalos then drove her to Las Colinas.

“I was crying and the nurse came out and I told her this man sexually assaulted me,” Jane said. “She took my pulse [and] said this girl needs to go to the hospital, her heart rate is too fast to be admitted into our jail.”

During this time, Arevalos called a police sergeant who drove to the jail and spoke to Jane. Jane told the sergeant that Arevalos had sexually assaulted her, Long added.

“And I begged him, I said please don’t let this man (Arevalos) take me to the hospital, and [Long] said as long as I’m here I won’t let you go there by yourself and he followed us to the hospital.”

The police sergeant followed Arevalos as he drove Jane to UCSD medical center.

Arevalos, who was convicted of Nov. 17 on multiple felony counts of sexual battery, assault and asking for San Diego DUI-related bribes, is scheduled to be sentenced on February 10, attorneys are told.

San Diego Police officer Anthony Arevalos is behind bars that she feels safe to talk about her encounter with him.

Arevalos faces ten years in prison for preying on young, female drivers during DUI stops.

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