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After arrested for a San Diego DUI, while still in San Diego DUI jail, do the police listen to calls coming from the jail?


San Diego Sheriff’s Department tapes every call made from the San Diego DUI jail.

San Diego DUI inmates can call out collect. To make the call, they are supposed to use their San Diego DUI booking number. The calls are all saved in the computer. The sheriff’s system can simply enter the San Diego DUI booking number and up shows all calls made using that San Diego DUI booking number. They can also identify who is called by a San Diego DUI inmate.

It gets worse. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office is wired into the sheriff system. The District Attorney can sit in their office and access jail calls. That includes calls between a San Diego DUI inmate and his San Diego DUI defense contacts. They deny listening to San Diego DUI attorney calls.

BE CAREFUL. Don’t talk about the San Diego DUI case, the San Diego DUI witnesses, or the San Diego DUI evidence. There is no such thing as a confidential call where a San Diego DUI arrestee is in the San Diego County Jail.

Occasionally, a San Diego DUI inmate needs to call his San Diego California DUI criminal defense attorney. Experienced San Diego DUI criminal attorneys know how to talk on the phone and avoid the pitfalls of any taped calls.

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