Taxi or DUI Police Car – ride home?

Taxi or DUI Police Car – ride home?

Too much to drink?  Not a difficult choice, even if taxis cost more than Ubers.  They sure cost less than a first-time California DUI conviction, say San Diego lawyers.

Once you look at this, you’ll understand.

On the hood of this Glendale Taxi-Police car shows the estimated $15,649 costs:

Legal fees ($2,500)

Fine, victim restitution fund, programs and related costs ($2,995) and

Auto insurance hike ($10,154).

Cops plan on showing this car at Checkpoints and other public locations in California, lawyers are told. Cost for this car:  $2,000 for fancy vinyl wrapping.

$20 Taxi seem high now?

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  • mathewmatty96 Reply

    It’s not advisable to drink too much on driving. The fine will be too heavy…

    June 29, 2016 at 5:30 am

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