San Diego DUI Law Center

Boxes of donuts and pots of coffee helped DUI officers from falling asleep Saturday night in Poway as a waste of taxpayer money San Diego drunk driving checkpoint turned up ZERO dui arrests, lawyers are told.

Just 3 DUI evaluations were needed Saturday by San Diego county sheriff’s deputies at 14300 Pomerado Road, Poway, California.

866 vehicles were intrusively trapped at the San Diego county DUI roadblock.

784 vehicles were unnecessarily screened in the primary drunk driving inspection area.
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23 vehicles were ordered to secondary DUI screening area so the cops could justify their existence and huge OVERTIME MONEY.

Zero DUI arrests were made, San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys are told.
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2 citations were issued for driving on a suspended license for a DUI related suspension and one driver was cited for driving without a valid driver license. Two vehicles were also towed from the checkpoint because the drivers were operating motor vehicles on suspended licenses.
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San Diego County DUI Law Center regularly posts the locations of these financial fund funnels.

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