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Test results for Drunk Drivers drivers stiffled in the UK fter the biggest forensic science provider was fired, attorneys learned.

A leaked memo revealed staff at the Forensic Science Service have stopped processing blood and urine samples in DUI cases.

Untested samples for now! The National Policing Improvement Agency have sent a memo in which it advises drunk driver samples be put on ice as the Forensic Science Service will not process any samples taken under the Road Traffic Act from today onwards.

Police lab staff have now been told to refrigerate samples taken from drivers caught drunk or high on drugs behind the wheel as officials try to find a private company to take on the workload.

The Police Federation attacked the decision. The loss-making FSS is supposed to be gone by March 2012.

The move affects tests on DUI drivers who refuse to provide a breath sample, are incapable of giving one or opt for a blood test, claiming police equipment is faulty.
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The leaked National Policing Improvement Agency memo said the FSS had discontinued the service yesterday.

Don’t drink and drive: The Forensic Science Service undertook 16,099 laboratory tests on blood and urine samples in 2009, according to lawyers.
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Alternative suppliers within seven working days and urges forces not to make their own arrangements are up in the air.
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The Government and senior police officials were warned in December that the FSS would stop handling drunk driving samples within weeks.

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