San Diego DUI Law Center

DUI Attorneys range from a premier San Diego DUI Lawyer to a cheap .99-like “bargain.”

Good lawyers aren’t cheap.

Cheap DUI attorneys are not good.

One way to test the waters is via the Free San Diego DUI Consultation Survey

at this online DUI evaluation link


This way you get to see the important, pointed questions, share information and get a professional opiniawyers aren’t cheap. Cheap attorneys aren’t good. This really applies in drunk driving and DMV cases.

Then if you want problem-free San Diego DUI Lawyer having 28 years of experience, go for it. One DMV Guru only aggressively handles these types of cases. That man is Mr. Mueller.

Lawyer Mueller lectured to

attorneys at the Annual DUI Seminar

in Los Angeles.

Then San Diego California Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller lectured at the legendary California Attorneys For Criminal Justice

A Day in the Desert with the DUI Experts – Annual DUI seminar

. Or check this video:

Video of San Diego DUI / DMV Attorney

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