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San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers may or may not appreciate the DMV Office of Driver Safety Hearing Officers.

This San Diego DUI Attorney certainly does.


Years of Service.
Heavy Workload.
Hard Work.
Thankless tasks.
Multiple hearings.
Drunk Driving means sometimes dealing with drunks.

California Driver Safety Officers aka Hearing Officers

Here they are:

Tiffanie Banks-Walker
Alva Benavidez
Kelly Coogan
Jordan Cruz
Julie Cruz
Jacqueline Denney
Antoinette Eribez
Sharon Galbo
T. Hagens
Diane Leffas-Lopes
Julie Mercer
Wendy Minshew
Ms. Patel, Oceanside
Judith Pierce

Local Management

Brian Dawson, Regional Manager
Felicia Davis, San Diego Manager
Robert Gomez, San Diego Manager
Art Ayala, (deceased) Manager

Thank you!

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