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These ten San Diego Police Department crimes and acts of misconduct are separate incidents by each individual and are independent from the SDPD. These 10 problems are arguably isolated and do not reflect leadership flaws.

In fact, the Chief of San Diego Police Department is revving up his SDPD internal affairs unit and placed a twenty-four hour “hotline” (not just for prostitutes giving sex to its officers) but prepared to receive more citizen complaints about other San Diego Police Officers involved in crimes or misconduct. The Chief himself will make sure these additional citizen complaints will be handled, perhaps internally.
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DUI, spousal abuse, rape, stalking, excessive force – both on duty and off duty – have been on the menu so far.

But the menu may expand.

Or no more citizens will come forward.
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Or SDPD may silence further complaints.

One thing for sure – it’s pretty interesting. Here are some of the “isolated” illustrations:

A teenager was punished by one SDPD cop after caught smoking marijuana outside the officer’s house.

An officer was a tad rough in arresting a soccer fan at at the Q. Problem is the scuffle captured on video by a cellphone and played quite a bit on San Diego TV.

The stressed officer who requested sex from ladies upon DUI stops is gone. He was fired.

A SDPD officer involved in an alleged rape quit.

The list does not reflect the character of the city or its otherwise fine San Diego Police Department.
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