San Diego DUI Law Center

Careful, in more ways than one! Drive smart – do not be a turkey.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Crime Laboratory told the San Diego County DUI Law Center that tonight is the biggest night for DUI arrests this weekend and is prepared. Tonight ,Wednesday, November 23rd, San Diego County Sheriff Department’s DUI division began Thanksgiving DUI Enforcement Attacks & Patrols.

San Diego County AVOID DUI Task Force’s heads the DUI saturation patrols. DUI cops are running around San Diego county looking for DUI and drunk drivers.

This Turkey Holiday Watch Sheriff’s, CHP and San Diego police department DUI cops are vigorously search for DUI and drunk drivers. San Diego’s DUI Police Departments wants you to rat out other motorists: “Report Drunk Drivers. Call 911!”

Check your equipment. Get off your cell phone. Use your turn signal. Fully stop behind the limit line at all lights and stop signs. Drive safe. Obey all traffic laws. Please do not be speeding or fail to wear your seat belts or be prepared to be pulled over.

California’s Office of Traffic Safety warns: “If you hit the streets and highways unbelted, the faces you could be seeing this holiday might belong to an emergency room physician or nurse instead of the faces of your family and friends!”

Sheriff Gore also urges drivers to think before you drink and to designate a sober driver.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains Thanksgiving is the day when heavy traffic, drinking and longdistance car trips combine to create fatal travel conditions.

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