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San Diego DUI arrests trigger police authority to take one’s California driver’s license.

If a driver is from out-of-state, the San Diego county DUI officer has no authority to take that state’s issued license, San Diego drunk driving lawyers know from experience. If officer DID take it, go to agency to get it back as soon as possible.

As to both situations, a San Diego area DUI officer is usually required to serve a pink DMV form of paper called a “DS 367.”

Without delay, drivers wishing to preserve driving privileges should immediately retain a San Diego DUI Attorney.

San Diego DMV Lawyers know there’s only 10 calendar days to contact DMV.

According to the updated DMV Administrative Per Se Hearings Manual [Chapter 12] for California DMV Hearing Officers [pages 12-2 & 12-3]:

“The form provided by the department to notify DMV and the driver of a DUI violation is a DS 367, AGE 21 AND OLDER OFFICER’S STATEMENT, or DS 367M, UNDER AGE 21 OFFICER’S STATEMENT, or the officer’s pre-approved law enforcement agency form.

The form shall specify clearly the reason and statutory grounds for the action and the right of the driver to request an administrative hearing.

This means the San Diego area agency DUI officer must check a box at the top of the form.

An administrative review pursuant to § 13557 VC is performed by DMV to determine the action was warranted.

A driver wishing to contest the action must then contact a San Diego lawyer.

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