San Diego DUI Law Center

The right San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer can avoid severe punishment.
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A San Diego Drunk Driving charge should be vigorously defended. A premier San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney can make a huge difference when you have been charged with a San Diego DUI.

Find a San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Attorney who fights for people charged with a San Diego DUI, DWI or drunk driving. Because sentences for a San Diego DUI arrest can mean up to six months in jail – even for a first offense – you need an aggressive San Diego DWI criminal defense lawyer

San Diego California DMV requires a hearing be set within 10 days. This is critical for preservation of your rights and driving privilege. Employ a San Diego DMV defense lawyer who will protect your rights, request a hearing with the San Diego DMV, and demand all San Diego County DUI evidence. Do not wait until it is too late.
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Do not risk trying to do this yourself as you need the help of a competent San Diego DUI / drunk driving criminal defense lawyer.
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