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The Top “DUI Dog” for the San Diego Police Department, James Zirpolo did it again today! As he did in 2011, Jim Zirpolo won the Annual MADD Award for most San Diego county DUI arrests in 2012!  If you see this handsome SDPD “Top Arresting Officer” up close in downtown San Diego, Carmel Valley, UTC or Pacific Beach (his Big 4 areas), you may be in big ($10,000 up to 16,000+) trouble, attorneys warn.

Big Bad Jim Zirpolo says he does not “keep track” of his DUI arrest stats which totaled 177 for 2012, the most in San Diego!  Last year phenomenal Jim made 205 drunk driving arrests in San Diego.  Amazingly, the good-looking guy made 227 DUI arrests in 2009.

Other San Diego DUI cops paled in comparison.  For example, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department DUI Deputy #2 MADD Man David Toner (Encinitas) and Jerry Jimenez (Lemon Grove) made 143 (down from 187 in 2010) and 29, respectively, out of 500 San Diego county drunk driving arrests.  12,000 DUI arrests were made in California in 2012, lawyers are told.

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