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The ultimate Halloween costume was a guy dressed as a hand-held breath test gadget. Ironically, he got arrested for DUI.

Matthew Nieveen, 19, found himself in a drunk driving tank in Lincoln, Nebraska.

He got caught erratically in his Ford F-150.

“He was dressed as a PBT [preliminary breath testing] alcohol sensor and had been attending a Halloween party prior to the stop.”

His face is not recognizable in a photo of him still in his outfit post-arrest.

Nieveen’s BAC was more than twice the state’s .

08 limit. DUI Police say the teenager was not supposed to be drinking in the first place, let alone driving a large vehicle while drunk. Nieveen is also is accused of having an open container of alcohol in his truck and negligent driving. A search of his truck turned up a bottle of vodka and beer.

This is not the first time a person dressed as a breathalyzer has been arrested for DUI. Last Halloween, an Ohio college student wearing a similar breathalyser costume was also charged for drunk driving and being underage in possession of alcohol.

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