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San Diego DUI & DMV defense lawyer Rick Mueller is a “Specialist” Member of the California DUI Attorneys Association, founded by Fast Eddie Kuwatch.

Rick is also a proud member of the National College for DUI Defense and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller specializes like no one else and enjoys a decent rating: “10” out of “10.”

Nationally recognized as THE San Diego DUI Editorial Consultant for the most comprehensive authority on California DUI law: “California Drunk Driving Law” – California’s top reference book for DUI defense – San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller contributed much of the material in this important resource.

Did you hear about the SAN DIEGO DUI & DMV Defense Survey

– a place where you can get free feedback without leaving your computer


Hoping the attorney you choose has ample knowledge and resources to help you?


Annual DUI Seminar

American Bar Association at Loyola Law School may have been a place where he or she picked up important tips.

San Diego California Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller also assisted California Attorneys For Criminal Justice

at another Annual DUI seminar


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