San Diego DUI Law Center

Number one, do not drink and drive with your kid in the car while on probation.
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Number two, do not plead guilty if charged with a San Diego DUI and as a victim you wish to prosecute the police officer who shot you.

“Victim” was apparently not given much sympathy by the jury. Ms. Silva pleaded guilty last year to felony child endangerment and San Diego DUI.
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Silva was shot twice in the arm and her son once in the knee area. Her BAC was measured at .15%.

San Diego police officer White was found not guilty after said he opened fire on Silva after she cut him off and backed into his car in a parking lot.
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White, whose wife was in the passenger seat, said he fired in self-defense, and that he had no idea that Silva’s son was in the car.

Number three, if you are serious about your San Diego DUI, speak to a criminal defense lawyer today or complete a free online Survey to see what can be done.

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