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One thing San Diego DUI lawyers emphasize to people stopped by the police is to remain calm and cooperative while knowing your rights.  Do not flee.  Never fight or engage the officer even if you were not driving drunk,  insist DUI attorneys.

Yesterday in San Diego, California Highway Patrol dealt with a combative DUI suspect after he crashed his green van at 4:00 A.M.

DUI cops from the San Diego CHP tried to stop him but he sped up and drive away when CHP patrol units tried to pull him over for weaving a San Diego county freeway.

One high-speed chase later, the driver crashed, bailed, and tried to run away, according to attorneys.

CHP officers caught and detained the man, but he fought back. The San Diego DUI suspect was tased twice, but still allegedly resisted.
After a 5 minute struggle with CHP officers, the DUI suspect  was restrained and taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital with facial injuries.
No reports of any San Diego CHP officers being injured during this engagement, drunk driving lawyers are told.
Attorneys ask what did we learn from this?
1.  Never try to out drive a San Diego DUI cop.
2.  Never try to run from a San Diego DUI cop.

3.  Never try to fight a San Diego DUI cop.

Being cooperative does not mean you have to do the FST’s or blow in the hand-held PAS gadget in the field, though, lawyers remind.


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