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You could be sued. The California DUI police officer who exposed Mel Gibson’s anti-Jew rant at the time of a 2006 Drunk Driving arrest may pursue his discrimination case in civil court.

Mel said he was sorry to Jewish leaders after California DUI Sheriff Deputy James Mee revealed Mel attacked his faith after he charged him with a California in Malibu.

The victim claims he suffered taunts and missed out on career advancement following the arrest for DUI in California.
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A jury may deterimine if he is a victim of discrimination because of his religion.
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The Jewish police officer filed suit in 2010, claiming he was overlooked for promotion after complaining to his bosses that Gibson received preferential treatment from deputies.
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He also alleged his superiors ordered him to remove parts of his report about Gibson’s arrest, “effectively participating in covering up the anti-Semitic” tirade.

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