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The #1 San Diego PD Drunk Driving Cop, Gilbert Ninness, retires in midst of “cabal,” a team that included 2 San Diego DUI police officers and 2 private divorce investigators. These guys were hired by a wife to follow this poor diabetic who needed medical treatment and then arrest him for a San Diego DUI.

San Diego DMV Officer Sharon Galbo asked SDPD DUI Cop Ninness about the role of private investigators in the San Diego DUI arrest: “Was this, like, an unusual evening for you? Does this sort of thing happen often? What were you thinking?” After the DMV hearings arising out of this San Diego DUI arrest, Ms. Galbo set aside the license suspension action.

Months after the San Diego DUI arrest, Steel filed a civil claim against the city of San Diego for false arrest, battery and denial of urgent medical care. 3 weeks later, the San Diego City Attorney’s Office filed San Diego DUI charges against Steel, which he believes was in retaliation for his claim.

In other breaking DUI news, Minnesota settled with the manufacturer for drunk driving breath tests, allowing defendants access to the machines’ computer programming language. They have given the defense attorneys everything they need to analyze the source code, Department of Public Safety Commissioner claimed in a news release the deal.
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DUI cops need the Intoxilyzer 5000EN to keep drunk drivers off our roads.
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Of the 38,699 DUI or drunk driving incidents in Minnesota in 2007, the Intoxilyzer 5000EN was used in about 24,000 of these cases. The prosecutor should hand over the source codes if DUI criminal defense lawyers for the defendants who request them indicate the codes may reveal deficiencies in the machine that could affect guilt or innocence. But the state does not have the info.

Minnesota sued CMI, the Kentucky manufacturer of the Intoxilyzer 5000EN, to gain access to the codes. The company, which supplies state’s 260 breath contraptions, initially claimed the information was proprietary.
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Not anymore.

Many states are dealing with the source code issue.

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