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Many San Diego DUI police officers are akin to Sherlock Holmes when it comes to finding and arresting a “hit and run” drunk driver, attorneys say.  They figure out what clues there are and follow those clues to the San Diego DUI suspect, lawyers believe.

Once a parked car is hit, radiator fluid can spill.   Damage plus leakage = first clues.

A parked BMW was the first vehicle hit by a recent San Diego drunk driving suspect a couple hours after midnight.    It started at Crawford and Twain in Grantville California.  The suspect continued and leaked fluid on the road.

Then a Honda was hit by the same San Diego DUI driver, leaving more fluid and debris.

Police followed the fluid trail to 5000 Ranch Mission Road San Diego CA.

The man failed a California field coordination test and was arrested in his home for DUI and hit and run, lawyers say.

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