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Attention San Diego’s Musical Acts This Week: Do NOT take a golf cart that does not belong to you and drive it while drunk or DUI, attorneys warn!

That’s right. Turtles’ Flo & Eddie, Micky Dolenz (Monkees), Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, Grass Roots, Buckinghams, and Ringo Starr later in the week, all at Humphrey’s, a San Diego California DUI can be charged on a golf cart, lawyers remind.

Ted Nugent’s drummer was busted yesterday for DUI in Bangor, Maine, say he was seen driving DUI drunk in a golf cart driving recklessly at a concert. Sunday night’s Ted concert resulted in his drummer, 55-year-old Mick Brown, being charged with stealing a cart Nugent was not even using for golfing earlier in the day.

The “banger” in Bangor allegedly drove the golf cart without clubs on a foot path. When cops attempted to stop him, Brown sped up, right past them & shoved a security cop. 2 more security cops subsequently got Brown out of the cart. Charged with theft, DUI and related charges, he was released on $4,000 bail. That public property is not private!

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