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Vince Jackson (V Jax), 2 time San Diego DUI probationer, suspended for 3 games to begin football because of his 2 DUI convictions, held out.

But when Jackson failed to appear at San Diego Chargers camp, the team put him on an exempt list not allowing him to play for 3 more games.

In walked Wide Receiver Malcolm Floyd, now a top NFL wideout.
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San Diego Chargers couldn’t trade Jackson by September 22, which would have allowed him to play starting in Week 5. All offers were rejected.

Jackson suggested the situation was handled “unethically” and pointed out he was “disappointed.
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Now again he says all he wants to do is play football, so fans may seem him in November.

Jackson will report to play for the Chargers by October 31 to secure Unrestricted Free Agency for next season.
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