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San Diego Chargers star wide receiver Vince Jackson tells folks: Don’t do what I did.

After 2 San Diego DUI arrests on his record, and probably as a condition of San Diego DUI criminal conviction probation requirements, Jackson presented himself to a driver-safety class at West Hills High School as a walking, talking, cautionary tale about the importance of not drinking and driving, attorneys are told.

Earlier in his NFL career, he had fooled himself into thinking he could knock back a couple of drinks and then get behind the wheel. “You can’t do that,” he said. “It’s black and white. Zero tolerance.”

Jackson, 27, returned to San Diego Chargers recently, following an off-field drama that included a protracted contract dispute and a league-mandated suspension tied to his San Diego DUI arrests, lawyers say.

V Jax also pleaded guilty to knowingly driving with a revoked license — a suspension stemming from a San Diego DUI arrest in early 2009. At the time of the San Diego, he was already on probation from a 2006 San Diego DUI conviction.

“In the last few years, I’ve made some mistakes off the field,” Jackson said.

“I guess I got a little lackadaisical.”

“Yes, I’ve made poor choices. You can’t take that back,” he said. “I’ve learned from my mistakes, I’ve moved forward.”

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