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California punishment if convicted of driving under the influence of drugs are similar to DUI alcohol-only. However if you are convicted of Vehicle Code Section 23152(a) and your charges not reduced, you may not get DMV to give you a restricted license because drugs are involved.

The statute prohibits a restriction for drugs.

But an attorney DUI prosecutor in San Diego may have trouble obtaining a conviction. That is why you may wish to consult with a San Diego DUI Lawyer familiar with these case. DUI prosecutor lawyers in San Diego need to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that a drug actually causes a significant amount of mental or physical impairment at the exact time of driving.

In contradistinction, a San Diego DUI lawyer will be prepared to show the drug(s) did not necessarily impair your driving.

Visit this new article to see how tough it may be for the prosecuting DUI attorney in San Diego to establish driving impairment based upon only drugs. Caveat: when the proof includes the combination of alcohol with a drug, things change. The dynamics are more complicated. Good v. bad driving may be a huge factor.

Under certain situations, drugs can enhance one’s ability to drive.

Such scientific evidence may be so established, bolstering the accused’s defense.

DUI Prosecuting Lawyer tries to establish driving was under the influence of drug(s) by eliciting evidence including driving movements, physical signs, certain symptoms, field sobriety test results, and results of a blood or urine test.

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