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1,550 San Diego county vehicles were trapped in a Vista DUI checkpoint, San Diego DUI attorneys report. The DUI checkpoint began in Vista San Diego county at 7:30 p.m. and inconvenienced drivers until about 2 a.m. at 900 Vista Village Drive, near the Vista Magnet Middle School of Technology, Science and Math. San Diego Sheriff’s DUI Deputies arrested 2 for drunk driving, cited 1 less than 21 years of age for possession of alcohol, and one teenager was cited for violating restrictions on a provisional license, DUI criminal defense lawyers in San Diego who locate checkpoints here, are told. 645 drivers were questioned by DUI cops, 5 drivers agreed to voluntary drunk driving sobriety acrobatics & gymnastics, San Diego drunk driving attorneys believe. 11 drivers had their cars towed for suspected violations of driving on a suspended license, not having a license or being under the influence of alcohol, drunk driving criminal defense lawyers in San Diego are told.

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