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June 2, 2012 is Saturday. And that means San Diego California DUI checkpoints. Vista will have one, at a presently undisclosed location. Same with Poway.

Click on this Attorney Drunk Driving Roadblock Location List for updated information so you can avoid being trapped by these menacing wastes of taxpayer money.

San Diego DUI police routinely put up DUI checkpoints but must do so under these Guidelines found in this lawyer article and outlined in the California Supreme Court case of Ingersoll v. Palmer:

1. Decision-making must be by Supervisors

2. There must be Limits on Discretion of Field Officers

3. Maintenance of Proper Safety Conditions

4. Location must be Reasonable

5. Time and Duration must not be Intrusive

6. Indicia of Official Nature of Roadblock

7. Nature & Length of Detention must be Minimal

8. Publicity in Advance

9. Right to Avoid the Roadblock

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