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You would not expect to see a drunk driver at San Diego’s Walmart IN THE STORE, DUI lawyers say.

A couple of weeks ago, California DUI Attorneys from San Diego reported someone was arrested for DUI IN Walmart.

But once again someone got popped for DUI driving a cart out of Walmart, say San Diego DUI attorneys.

At almost 4 a.m., Earl Degraphenreed was seen by a DUI deputy because the disabled customer scooter had an “in-store use only” sign on it.  The problem is he was northbound in the southbound lane on the state road, four miles away from a 24 hour Walmart.

When contacted, he appeared to the DUI officer to be disoriented, had glassy eyes, then failed drunk driving field tests.

Ironically, there are American corporations who sell low-powered electric bikes and scooters that do NOT require a license to drive.

 Guess who buys them?  Folks who no longer have driving privileges because of a DUI on their record.

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