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If you have 2 California DUI convictions on your record, what’s the latest thing you should be doing?  Driving drunk again is close but is not the answer.

Driving DUI AND Stealing a San Diego Police Department car is the correct answer, attorneys related.

Yesterday a lady who managed to get her 3rd DUI arrest in San Diego despite being only 1 year over the drinking age of 21, did just that, San Diego County DUI Law Center reports.

Around midnight, Felicitas Flores took a San Diego PD car and raced off at high speeds up to 90 mph until the cops laid down a spike strip Northbound 5 in Carlsbad.  That slowed her down but she did not stop as she continued with deflated tires until a rest area north of Oceanside.  Surrounded by DUI cops, she tried to drive away and hit another cop car with the cop car she too.

This all got her a $280,000 bail with charges for DUI, evading arrest, grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism.  Hiring a top San Diego DUI Lawyer will likely be her priority if she can afford it.

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