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Weaving or colliding with other cars are usual reasons to stop someone in San Diego and maybe arrest him for DUI. But at a Demolition Derby, the driver using his turn signal and not crashing into other cars is the “drunk.

Police heard about this guy – David Warner’s driving. When got done with the derby, the cops claim he was “staggering.” Guess you can’t blame that on collisions if you’re avoiding contact.


Funny the guy won the Derby. Then was assured by the County Fair president he had no DUI Derby future: “The young man has no future here as far as events. He will not be allowed to participate in any event on these fairgrounds.”

Warner says the drunk driving charge is ridiculous and he was treated unfairly, saying: I mean, I’m not denying I wasn’t drinking by no means, but I was not drunk. I was under the limit.” So he drank a few beers before hitting the track, to “loosen up,” but it wasn’t enough to warrant a DUI if he was under the limit!

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